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For Women

Who are these courses designed for?

You.  Any woman who wants to learn a bit more about her gender and herself. We explore terms and topics surrounding women, so, if you want to learn more about what makes you tick, join us.

Our aim is to put you on a path of thought, creativity and self-assessment for who you are as a woman and what steps you want to take to get where you want to be. Workshops are in English and we recommend your level on the CEFR (Common European Framework) to be at least B1, or Upper-Intermediate, to fully benefit from what the course has to offer.

We offer different courses with different themes through the year. Some topics might include:

       Timeline & herstory

       Role Models & Empowerment

       Gender Roles & Stereotypes

       Relationships & the Nitty Gritty

       Creativity & Dreams

       Where do I see myself & can I get there?

       Business. Get your ideas moving.

Currently, our workshops happen in Brno. Looking ahead we would like to move into weekend workshops or even get-aways to locations in the UK and USA. 

Note: Each workshop has a different dynamic, but surely there are moms who want to take a workshop. If enough interested moms with no babysitter sign up, we can provide our own nanny, who will look after the kids while we focus on our 'me time'. 


Our sincere apologies but we are only offering the Business English for Women at this time. In the future we will definitely be opening more short courses and workshops!!!

Thanks for understanding  :). 

workshops for women
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