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We are a growing Czech agent for Target English International, (click for website)

a leader in educational travel summer travel tours to England for juniors (aged 12 - 17). 

We offer personal attention your child/student needs because we are part of the management team of the summer program and are in the UK at the campuses.


We offer students:

- A two-week all inclusive program (additional weeks are an option)

- Intensive study English with 30 hours of English lessons

- Visits to famous cities and attractions in excursions

- A Trinity exam and diploma

- A one-to-one Individual and friendly approach with qualified teachers

- A British Council Accredited Educational Organization

The aim of the programme is to develop the communicative ability of the students and broaden their understanding of British culture and heritage. The curriculum is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and the syllabus focuses on the development of communicative competence, particularly the skills of spoken interaction and spoken production.


Students are level tested on their first day and placed at an appropriate level for lessons. Students prepare for and take the Trinity College London GESE Spoken Exam as part of their course. We have a 99% pass rate. Students also receive a report and certificate on successful completion of the course.

Teaching Staff

All our teachers are fully qualified and many have lived and worked as teachers abroad and have first-hand knowledge of other cultures, customs and traditions. Teachers receive special training to help them become more effective teachers.


TEI offers a comprehensive cultural activity and evening programme with full day excursions to cities and places of cultural importance and half day visits to local galleries, museums and other visitor attractions. We provide students with an opportunity to absorb some of the UK's rich heritage in a fun and relaxed way. A full evening activity programme includes discos, quiz nights, film screenings and talent nights.

Student Welfare

The welfare of your child is very important to us and we offer a high standard of care and supervision. It is very important to us that students remain happy and healthy throughout their stay and our management in each college, along with teachers and activity leaders, work to ensure all students receive the best possible care and attention. We have a high ratio of residential staff, ensuring that students are supervised at all times.


Summer Language Courses   in the UK for students
(aged 12 - 17)
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