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Connect. Get inspired.Grow

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Summer Language Courses in the UK for Teens

Target English International  offers the perfect places to learn English, in England. Join us! It's a great experience.



We edit your work.  You send it. We correct it. It's simple. Websites, menus, theses and more...



Creative Writing 

Digital Portfolios

Critical Thinking


Team-Building Camp

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We are believers in our own approach.

We've planted our seeds and we are connecting, getting inspired and growing.

Take a peek at the projects we are working on.

what we are planning

Connect. Get Inspired. Grow.

We want to see you achieve your goals.

Tailored courses and insightful workshops to help you get there.


Leaders in training and development  with extensive experience in designing learning outcomes, course creation and delivery. We want to share this with you. 

What we are planning
what we are planning
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Catherine is the best teacher I have ever met. she is patient and adds her own personal charm and a great sense of humour to her workshops. She is always well-prepared and connected to life. I am never bored. She is always ready to answer your questions, everytime. 

Alena P. age 49

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